Children’s Knit Hat Prototypes

Pattern: Children’s Knit Hat Prototypes

Yarn Used: Rauma Finull PT2: Ravelry Link, The Knitting Place Link

Children's Knit Hat Prototype #2

I have been working over the last week on putting together a couple of customized hats for my daughter. I have just worked on doing a couple of children’s knit hat prototypes to see what ideas she likes the best. She loves cats, hearts, and pink, so there’s a lot to work with there. My desire to use up the Rauma Finull PT2 yarn had me holding double or triple strands at times while working on some of these.

Children's Knit Hat Prototype #1

The first thing I did was develop the knitting chart for the hat with the pink background. It’s straightforward, just a cat and some hearts. It was guaranteed to be a hit with my daughter because she helped come up with it.

Children’s Knit Hat Prototype #1

The chart spans 26 stitches, and I did five repeats of it for a total of 130 stitches. Doing this stitch count ended up making a too-large hat, so I will rework this hat with one less repeat and see what happens. Using fewer stitches should make the hat fit her a little bit better. I will eliminate some of the striping effects at the beginning and the end of the chart and start the decreases sooner.

Children’s Knit Hat Prototype #2

Children's Knit Hat Prototype #1

The second hat requires using several strands of yarn to create some marled effects with a heart in the center. The hat ended up being another hat that turned out larger than needed. I will rework this one soon and pay more as I am going along.

Playing with multiple strands of yarn and colorwork made me aware that I need a lot of practice with floats and catching them. My colorwork ends up bunchy, and I need to take some time to just practice the skills needed.

I am not sure when I will go back and revisit the hats, probably after advent knitting this year. The designs are simple, but my daughter was pretty pleased with being able to help come up with ideas for her hat.

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