Yarn Advents Day #19

Warning! Knitting Advent Calendar Spoilers!

It’s time for the 19th day of my Yarn Advents from Moonglow Yarn, Asylum Fiber (purchased from The Knitting Place) and the Stitch Marker Advent Calendar from Firefly Notes. Only a couple more days left till the end and the restart of my Radvent Cardigan.

Spoilers ahead, please don’t read if you don’t want them, because they’re coming up ahead.

Asylum Fiber’s Yarn Calendar

 Asylum Fiber's The Knitting Place Advent Calendar Day #19
Asylum Fiber’s The Knitting Place Advent Calendar Day #19

Day #19 for Asylum Fiber Yarn Co is such a deep blue. I love it and it will look amazing in my cardigan! My yarn advents have not disappointed.

Radvent Cardigan with day #11 in progress.
Modified Radvent Cardigan to only do half the amount of increases. This is through day #10, with day #11 in progress.

Moonglow Yarn Advent Calendar

Moonglow Yarn Co Advent Calendar Day #19
Moonglow Yarn Co Advent Calendar Day #19

The Moonglow Yarn Advent has turned into a beautiful purple. I mentioned that I am going to do the Litmus Cowl by Stranded Dyeworks with the remainder of this yarn because I think that the rainbow theme would be awesome. However, I finally found the pattern I want to do with this. My final (at least for now) choice is MerryMint pattern by Natalie Sheldon. I have this idea in my head, where I either reverse the gradient on itself, or slowly fade it with the color work. Either way, I LOVE that pattern and.. it’s definitely going to be an undertaking. Something I am SUPER proud of. Forever and ever, so I hope it lasts.. at least half that long :).

Firefly Notes Stitch Marker Advent Calendar

Day #19 is a butterfly. When I am knitting, my daughter will inspect my stitch markers and go, “Mom, use the PINK CAT ONE, please?”. When she sees I am using a stitch marker that she really likes, she gets super excited and then she.. thanks me. Which, albeit, is kind of weird, but is also kind of cute. Anyhow, this butterfly is something she will definitely request that I use. Over and over and over again.

Firefly Notes Stitch Marker Advent Day #19
Firefly Notes Stitch Marker Advent Day #19
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